I have been through ups and downs like a lot of other people, but my success comes from NOT STAYING DOWN!  I never gave up on being the BEST at whatever I tried to do, or be.  I had to overcome family issues, homelessness, my environment, and my own personal decisions, but I NEVER STOPPED BELIEVING IN MYSELF!  My life is what I make it, and NOT what other people say or think of me because I am responsible for my own actions and my own success!

I realized that my life had a purpose.  That purpose was to use my God given talent to first play basketball and then to use my knowledge to help others WHO WANT TO DO BETTER! I have accepted my role as one of God’s servants and I live to serve God until my work on earth is done.

To Be Different means to make a Difference.  This is what I have based my life and foundation on since 1998.  To help underprivileged children, battered women, and to help reintroduce young men into the work force.  My vision is to use my knowledge whenever and where ever I can, while I can.  As I grew up watching Martin Luther King Jr., Muhammad Ali, and other powerful figures, I realized it was the normal, hard working people I wanted to be around.  They saw things that were reality and not as the world saw things.  I learned from Dr. King to use intellect first, but it was my middle school teacher who taught me what to learn.  I quickly realized that my purpose was not to be the best basketball player, but to help those who helped me.  I have accepted my position in life and I have now begun my journey to LEAVE A LEGACY when I am gone.